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Templates for the Artistically Challenged

For those who need a helping hand, we have easy-to-use templates that serve as the ideal starting point.

All of the layout, font, and colors are pre-selected so you can focus on telling your story.

Don’t like the colors? Don’t worry.

You can edit anything in the templates to customize your infographic to your taste.

The inspiration library and pre-made templates help when we're short on creativity.


Flexibility for the Artistically Inclined

Have an eye for design? Start with a blank canvas.

Easily drag and drop images, charts, text, and more onto the canvas to create your custom infographic.

You can even upload your own images and logos right from your computer.

infographic builder
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Infographics Gallery

View our collection of infographics, media kits, and other works created by Zanifesto users.