Zanifesto’s fonts and graphics come from a variety of talented artists.

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Most fonts made available by Zanifesto are completely free for commercial use under the SIL Open Font License. Some require attribution and are listed below. Some fonts contained no licenses and it is our opinion that it is safe for commercial use if the unlicensed font is freely available for download from the original source or from multiple free-font sites. This is no guarantee of such freedom. If we have made an error, please contact us.

Aaargh created by Tup Wanders
Baron Neue created by Font Fabric
Blokletters-Potlood created by LeFly Fonts
BP Dots created by Backpacker 
BP Mono created by Backpacker
BP Script created by Backpacker
Conspiracy created by Nerfect Type Laboratories
Dekar created by Fontfabric
Grand Hotel created by Astigmatic
Hattori Hanzo created by Roman Shamin
High Tide created by Font Fabric
Londrina created by Marcelo Magalhaes
Londrina Bold created by Marcelo Magalhaes
Maiden Orange created by Astigmatic
Mountains of Christmas created by Tart Workshop
Nexa Rust created by Font Fabric
Rex created by Font Fabric
Sedgwick Co created by DJ Sherman
Silverfake created by Font Fabric
St. Marie created by Stereotypes
Web Server Off created by Web Hosting Geeks
Weston created by Font Fabric
Yellowtail created by Astigmatic


440 Icons by Catalin Fertu
Ionicons by Drifty (MIT License)
Line Icons – Kitchen Tools by Gravual
Line Icons – The Great Outdoors by Gravual
Metro Style Icons by VisualPharma
Skewed Icons by Denise Chandler


Subtle Patterns
Web Treats

Last updated: October 20, 2014