New: Custom Charts & Graphs

Displaying data through charts and graphs is an integral part of an infographic. Line graphs, pie charts, and bar graphs help to tell a story and teach the meaning behind the data.

We recognize their importance and are excited to announce our latest release.

You can now build your own custom charts and graphs for your infographics on Zanifesto!

Follow three easy steps:

1. Select your chart or graph type from the library.

2015-01-19 19_56_44-Builder _ Zanifesto

2. Enter your data.

free custom infographics

3. Make any stylistic customizations

2015-01-19 20_03_00-Builder _ ZanifestoThen incorporate them into your infographic to enhance your message.

custom free diy infographics

Give it a try and let us know what you think.


Public’s Policy Priorities for 2015

Last week, Pew Research released the results of a survey on which issues Americans think are most important for Obama and Congress to address.

Of note, people think improving the economy is less important than prior years and defending the US against terrorism is more important. Does this align with your opinion?

Pew Research Public Policy Priorities

 View Pew’s entire publication here.