New: Custom Charts & Graphs

Displaying data through charts and graphs is an integral part of an infographic. Line graphs, pie charts, and bar graphs help to tell a story and teach the meaning behind the data.

We recognize their importance and are excited to announce our latest release.

You can now build your own custom charts and graphs for your infographics on Zanifesto!

Follow three easy steps:

1. Select your chart or graph type from the library.

2015-01-19 19_56_44-Builder _ Zanifesto

2. Enter your data.

free custom infographics

3. Make any stylistic customizations

2015-01-19 20_03_00-Builder _ ZanifestoThen incorporate them into your infographic to enhance your message.

custom free diy infographics

Give it a try and let us know what you think.


Case Study: Momcorp’s Infographics Campaign

Case studies tell potential customers a compelling story about the benefits of your product or service. Yet, potential customers don’t want to read your multi-page document.

To get noticed, convert your case study into a visually appealing infographic that attracts the attention of potential customers.  Studies show that complementing your case study with graphs and images makes readers more likely to understand the benefits you offer and share your message with their friends and colleagues.

Check out the infographic case study below about Futurama’s Momcorp.

case study infographic futurama moms robot oil

Get Out of the Office

Regardless of whether you are a start up that just launched or an established small business, you need to get out of the office and talk to your customers and potential customers. There is no better way to quickly gather relevant, actionable feedback that you can use to improve your business.

This week, Zanifesto got out of the office and attended Kickstand and Start Up Grind Boise‘s joint networking event. We were selected as one of ten local start ups to present our product to all of the attendees. Like a trade show, we stood at our table and interacted with everyone who walked up.

boise start up

In two hours, we learned what the market liked about our product, how much they wanted to pay, and what they wished we would offer in the future. Quite the win for us.

We know it can be scary, but get out there!



So You Want to Be a Thought Leader

Nowadays, everyone is talking about thought leadership. It is often presented as a marketing campaign or a status that can be achieved in a few simple steps.

Do any of these headlines sound familiar?

  • 5 Steps to Become a Thought Leader
  • How to Position Yourself as an Expert

Ironically, these articles about thought leadership often fail to contain the core principle of thought leadership: teaching value. Instead, they share cool tools, tricks, and tasks to try, but you are left with no answer to the most important questions: Why should I be a thought leader? What’s in it for me? 

After all, you, like your potential customers, have limited resources and must prioritize what to try or buy. A thought leader will provide the information you need to help you make those prioritization decisions.

So, what is a thought leader?

A true thought leader is not feature-focused or even customer-focused. A thought leader does not sell or market to customers.

Instead, a thought leader is value-focused. They are a teacher who offers others thorough, unbiased information on the value provided by various solutions to market problems.

A focus on value is more than a marketing strategy – it must be a fundamental component of a brand’s culture.  Value starts with the brand’s mission, inspires product development, drives marketing messaging, and shapes sales strategies.

If your brand’s product – whether it be software, physical goods, or consulting services – is a valuable solution to a legitimate market problem, positioning your brand as a thought leader through sales and marketing efforts will be a piece of cake.

So, what’s in it for you? A true thought leader approach to product development, marketing messaging, and sales techniques will increase sales and grow your business by:

  1. Building credibility in the market. By demonstrating a deep understanding of the market and the challenges customers face, potential customers will begin to look to your brand to provide solutions to their current and future problems. Hook them in and then convert them to customers.
  2. Streamlining sales. Developing a solution that solves a real problem, and then teaching prospective customers how your solution will improve their lives in some way, will result in easier conversions of prospects to customers. Ensure that the prospect “gets it” and no hard sell is required.
  3. Strengthening customer relationships. Positioning yourself as a partner who is focused on solving customer problems leads to increased customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers become brand promoters in the marketplace and a valuable extension of your sales and marketing team.
  4. Improving your brand. Products that are value-focused evolve as market problems and customer needs change. If your brand is truly value-focused, you will consistently gather market and customer feedback to continue to improve your brand and increase your success in the marketplace.

 Thought Leader Definition

Now that you know how establishing your brand as a thought leader can increase sales and grow your business, how will you incorporate it into your brand’s growth strategy?

You can also check out some practical tips from Lucas Carlson’s recent post on Kissmetrics.

Dreaming is for Chumps

Despite repeated messages from Disney cartoons, dreaming alone gets you nowhere.  You must actually do something for your dreams to come true.

These points may be obvious, but it is worth sharing. All are backed by studies by Edwin Locke.

 goal setting infographic

To move from dreaming to doing, you need to set a concrete and actionable goal. By just taking that one step, you get the following benefits:

  1. Success: Setting a specific goal provides motivation, which makes you more likely to achieve your goal.
  2. Skills: Pursuing goals promotes the learning and perfecting of a variety of skills. Some of these skills include how to achieve a goal, which is necessary for repeatable success in the future.
  3. Happiness: Pursuing a goal you find important and meaningful makes you feel happy and satisfied. Even if you are unsatisfied at work and you pursue a personal goal, your satisfaction and happiness will spill over to your job as well.
  4. Teamwork: Having a shared vision or goal bonds a team. It promotes cooperation and shared learning between team members.

Coming Soon: Grow Your Business with a $0 Budget


Our mantra is that financial limitations are a motivation, not a barrier, to innovative growth.

We want to share our experiences – successes and failures – on how to grow your business without needing a big pile of cash upfront.

Interested in this free publication?

Join the waitlist. We will let you know when it is available.

Push the Limits

You never know how far you can go until you test yourself.

Zanifesto started as an online-only tool, but then you asked about print outs. So we tried it and, well what do you know, it worked! We discovered you can use Zanifesto to create a custom design for printed marketing postcards.

But why stop there? How big can we go?

Today, we took it a step further.

We successfully printed out a sharp and vibrant 8.5 x 11 inch flyer using an infographic built on Zanifesto. Unlike the postcards we shared, this flyer was printed using a home printer and thick card stock paper.

 free custom flyer design


It was a little tricky to get the length of the image just right, so we will definitely be adding a template. Be on the lookout.

Is this something you will be incorporating into your marketing campaigns?

We want to know!

9 Reasons to Use Infographics for Content Marketing

infographics images for content marketing

Don’t be deceived into thinking image-based content marketing is merely a trend.

The appeal and popularity of infographics and other visual data are based in scientific fact.  This marketing method is a proven method for building your brand, increasing blog traffic, and improving e-commerce sales.

The brain was designed to process images. Words are a human invention.

  • The brain processes meaning of images in as fast as 13 milliseconds.
  • The brain remembers images better than it remembers words.
  • The eye is drawn to images that deliver stories and messages.

Images are more engaging than links, videos, and text on social media.

  • Images get 53% more likes.
  • Images get 104% more comments.
  • Images get 84% more clicks throughs.

Images impact conversion rates.

  • Using the right images can lead in an increase in conversion rates.
  • Emotional images will lower inhibitions and seduce, rather than persuade, purchases.
  • Photos of objects increase a customer’s level of trust and the likelihood of purchase.





Marketing Off the Web

No matter how technologically advanced we become, person to person sales and marketing are still essential parts of your business plan.

It is easy to forget, but thankfully you reminded us by suggesting we incorporate ways to print the works created on Zanifesto.

Great idea!

It turns out Zanifesto is the perfect tool to create custom print marketing material for handouts and leave behinds.  If you have an upcoming convention, meeting, or other in-person event, make your own marketing postcard by following these simple steps:

 custom marketing postcards