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We are pretty great, but we sure don’t know everything.  One of our knowledge gaps is around the classic press release you send to influencers and news agencies.

We would love to hear your thoughts on our first draft. Please tear it apart so we can make it better!


Subject: Free, easy to use, web-based infographic builder

Startups and small businesses have minimal funds to attract customers and grow their business. An expensive graphic designer or complicated graphics program is generally not in the marketing budget.

These entrepreneurs are bootstrapping their growth and need an easy to use, affordable DIY tool to create high quality infographics and other marketing collateral for their marketing campaigns.

That is why hundreds of budget-savvy entrepreneurs have turned to Zanifesto for their content marketing and social media marketing needs.

Zanifesto’s easy to use, web-based graphics builder empowers users to create their own high quality graphics to attract new customers and grow their business. A library of templates, fonts, graphics, as well as custom charting functionality, gives users all the materials they need to get started.

“Even though I don’t have much artistic ability, I was able to create professional quality infographics and handouts that matched my brand and captured the attention of potential customers.” – Jesus Sanchez, Marketing Director for Doc’s Skincare

See what the buzz is about. Try Zanifesto for free.

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One thought on “Critique Our Pitch

  1. Great pitch & great product. The subject line needs to be a stronger statement with a reason why infographics are so compelling as marketing content over other media.

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