Five Sure Fire Ways to Create A Viral Post

Ok, our headline was a bit misleading.

We don’t have five ways to create a viral post, we just have one.  A visual list.

List posts and infographics are always a hit. Readers are drawn in by the catchy headline and they know they are in for an informative read. And if your content is truly interesting, the reader will be more likely to share it.

viral infographic

viral infographics

Don’t know where to start?

Begin with our “10 Things” template and customize it to make it your own.

10 things you didn't know about the internet



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2 thoughts on “Five Sure Fire Ways to Create A Viral Post

  1. So, do you normally state your exact sources for these interesting facts?
    Just naming a website (not URL or link) where you can supposedly look things up is how internet myths and legends come to life…

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