Infographics at the White House

The US just completed negotiations with Iran – Let the politicking begin!

While both sides have taken up the usual dramatic speeches and doomsday rhetoric, the White House has decided to educate the public through the use of infographics because, as we all know, infographics convey the meaning of a message better than words.


Check out the rest of their infographics here.

5 Ways to Accomplish More by Doing Less

Have you ever had a busy day where you didn’t actually get anything done?

Here are a few tips on how to increase your productivity by doing less through out the day.

productivity facts statistics infographic


Digging in the Data

Tech start ups have to make product decisions all the time. Tweak this and change that until you hit the sweet spot with your target market. But then the market changes so you have to modify your product. And repeat until infinity.

Making the right decisions to maintain your success is challenging. At Zanifesto, we make decisions by relying on data rather than going with your gut. Yet,data can only take you so far.

Let’s take a recent example.

Zanifesto is subscription-based because we assumed that users would want to make infographics throughout the year as part of their ongoing content marketing campaigns.

As we built our tool, we inserted methods to track data. Last week, we finally created a way to collect the data and review it in an excel format. We took a look at frequency and here were the results:

2015-03-08 20_23_29-Microsoft Excel non-commercial use - zanifesto-all-documents (2)

67% of users only created one infographic. Why? To find the answer, we need to get out of the data and in front of users. 

Some say this is the tough part, but we love to talk to users. We have already received some valuable feedback we plan to incorporate into our product, but we’d like to hear from your too.

What comments and suggestions do you have about our product? What could we offer to make you want to create more infographics?

 key statistics infographic