Cats vs Dogs: Who Rules the Internet?

Chances are, you think cats are the clear winners of the internet.

Well, here are some interesting statistics that show dogs, in addition to being way more awesome than cats, are pretty popular too.

 cats vs dogs on the internet

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You Better Be on Instagram

The dos and don’ts of social media marketing are always evolving and it can be tough to stay informed.

We were surprised to learn recently that Instagram is the new “top” social media site for businesses to use.  Here are some statistics from Instagram and a study by L2 Think Tank that argue your social media marketing efforts are best spent on Instagram.

Instagram social media marketing infographic

Five Sure Fire Ways to Create A Viral Post

Ok, our headline was a bit misleading.

We don’t have five ways to create a viral post, we just have one.  A visual list.

List posts and infographics are always a hit. Readers are drawn in by the catchy headline and they know they are in for an informative read. And if your content is truly interesting, the reader will be more likely to share it.

viral infographic

viral infographics

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10 things you didn't know about the internet



Visual About Us Page

No one wants to read a half dozen paragraphs on your About page. Well, maybe your mom, but the rest of us will skip it.

Keep your stats simple and quick to consume, like this template we offer through our tool.

Zanifesto - Blockhead

 Follow these rules to attract more readers:

  • Reduce unnecessary words
  • Pair concepts with images
  • Highlight key words and numbers with different fonts and colors

We’d love to see what your About pages look like. Share a link to your site in the comments!

Rising Cost of Skipping College

Whether or not you should go to college is not an easy decision to make.  Yes, we know about the burden student loan debt can have on graduates, and that a post-graduation job offer is no longer a sure thing, but is there a cost to not going to college?

According to a recent Pew study, there is.


Christmas Tree Facts

christmas infographic

While researching the facts included in this Christmas tree infographic, I came across that interesting tidbit about Teddy Roosevelt. Here is a little more about that story:

Burnishing his environmental credentials, Roosevelt refused to display a Christmas tree in the White House, fearing that to do so would be sending the wrong message to the public and be fodder for his political opponents. In 1901, the Roosevelt’s’ first treeless Christmas in Washington passed uneventfully.

In 1902, however, Roosevelt’s two youngest sons, Archie and Quentin, cut down a small tree on the White House grounds and smuggled it into the closet of the room where the family opened gifts. The boys hung gifts for their parents from the branches and enlisted the help of the staff electrician in decorating the tree with tiny lights wired to a switch outside the closet.

On Christmas morning, while the family opened gifts, Archie surprised his family by opening the closet door and throwing the switch. Amused by his boys’ ingenuity, Teddy nevertheless took them to his friend and environmental adviser (and later the first Chief of the United States Forest Service), Gifford Pinchot, to explain to them the negative effects of killing trees for decorative use.

You can find more information here.