Tutorial: Custom PMPro Emails

We use the WordPress plugin Paid Membership Pro (PMPro) to manage our membership levels. It is a popular plugin that has many great features, its welcome email not being one of them. (uggo!)

pmpro emails

So we were pretty excited when they recently released a new email template add on. Our new welcome email is quite an improvement and it was so easy to create. Jen, the non-developer of the team, created the new welcome email using custom HTML all by herself.

If she can do it, so can you!  All the steps are below.

2015-05-28 21_34_12-Welcome to Zanifesto - zanifesto@gmail.com - Gmail

We started with this article by Nicole Merlin. It contains the HTML for a nice, simple template that needed very few changes.

html email template

Then we pasted the HTML into this real-time editor in order to see what the output would look like. We added our own images, updated the text, and inserted a few links.

html email template (2)

When the email design and content was complete, we copy and pasted the HTML into the PMPro Email Template add on.

2015-05-28 21_39_45-Email Templates ‹ Zanifesto — WordPress


And that’s it. Really!

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